What is Good Input Quality for Flambient (Flash-ambient)?

Taking a good real estate photo is a global trend as more and more people turn to digital marketing to buy, sell and rent real estate.

Nothing is more important than high-quality photos to attract potential buyers. When a traditional way of shooting is unable to deliver the value of the properties, many photographers turn to the new and highly effective “flambient” method (blending flash and ambient exposure together) to get the effects that they are looking for.

So let’s learn the basics you need to know about the flambient method for real estate photography.

1. What is the Flambient Method?

The word flambient is a combination of two words flash and ambient. As the name implies, a shimmer photo is a combination of two photography styles to get the best possible final image full of detail inside and out. Ambient photos rely on natural light and flash photos are used to help with color correction, window views, and of course additional lighting. Each shooting method has different pros and cons, but taken together, they result in a balanced, clean, and natural final image.

2. When to take a Flambient photo?

Flambient is most commonly used when you have extreme dynamic range in the house. Usually, there are areas of the room that are large and quite dark, while the scenery outside the window is very bright. It is a difficult area to capture details if shooting in ambient. Those are the situations when using the flambient method can become most useful.

Olympus Digital Camera

Ambient shooting (no Flash)

Olympus Digital Camera

Flash shooting

Olympus Digital Camera

Final Flambient Editing

There are 2 Flash shooting methods

+ 1 is that you can leave the flash on the camera and lightly hit the ceiling. This will make the room evenly lit and keep the window details, making the editing process faster (applicable to small rooms)

+2 is that you can separate the flash from the camera and point it up on the roof for a nice spread of light. Make sure you’re aiming the flash at a white surface as that will give you nice and natural colors to work with as you begin to blend your flash shot with your surroundings (applicable to large rooms).

And always remember the goal in real estate photography is to achieve a photo that looks clean, sharp and natural while highlighting the most important features of the room or the beautiful view outside the window. It’s harder than it sounds, but this is all achievable using the flambient method.”

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